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About Us

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PLCoders are develop software solutions for business and we partnership with companies world-wide. We are always happy to provide expert assistance to our customers.

We are a software development company from Poland offering a range of services with particular emphasis on software creation and development. We have in-depth knowledge of different kinds of technologies, wide spatial imagination, and also business management experience. This strengths let us to find the most efficient solutions for our clients and their needs, particularly from time, cost and performance perspective. We offer flexibility and openness in the implementation of our solutions. PLCoders is a team with number of competencies, among which are: excellent programming skills, openness for new ideas, an aptitude for algorithmic and optimization challenges, and willingness to continual technical as well as personal grow. We have a team with varying areas of experience, competencies and specializations, also from business management perspective. Web applications we are coding in Microsoft ASP.NET Core technology. System interfaces are encoded in HTML5 and CSS3. We can use ready-made HTML/CSS frameworks like Bootstrap etc. We also use e.g: JavaScript together with auxiliary libraries. We use REST technology to communicate with the server. We create responsive applications so that the system/application works properly on computers and mobile devices. We design efficient SQL databases, optimize queries and improve database performance. We support MS SQL and MySQL servers and specialize in Microsoft SQL databases. We also use ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) technology for mapping the object-oriented system architect to a relational database structure (e.g. Entity Framework). We also specialize in creating mobile applications for Android and iOS.

20 Years

Business experience


Satisfaction rate


Created projects

15 Years

Passion for programming

Working process

Simple & Clean Work Process

  • Customer needs 1

    Discussion of needs, vision, customer problems, strategy

  • Data collection 2

    Collection of data for the project, solutions, budget, deadlines, etc.

  • Processing of data 3

    Creation of an action plan, selection of technology and solution, definition of the project timeframe

  • 4Project work

    First solutions, feedbacks, staged solutions

  • 5Final analysis

    Completion and launch of tests, feedback, effectiveness check, optimisation

  • 6Project completion

    Transmission of results, implementation, integration, final tests, start-up

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